Ravens top Colts, move within one win of playoff berth

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The Baltimore Ravens Jerseys (9-6) outlasted the feisty but overmatched Indianapolis Colts Jerseys (3-12) in a 23-16 win on a rainy Saturday evening in Baltimore. Here’s what we learned:

1. The Ravens avoided disaster (a loss to this Colts team would have been embarrassing at this point in the season) and also came one step closer to completing their remarkable playoff push by winning in a tough environment Saturday. Sure, Baltimore was playing at home, but with light rain becoming steady and winds picking up in the second half, it wasn’t a walk in the park. In outlasting the Colts, cheap nfl jerseys the Ravens grabbed control of their destiny, needing only a win in Week 17 to clinch a postseason berth, no matter what happens elsewhere. They rode their defense for much of the season, and though the offense has picked it up recently and the defense has lost a bit with Jimmy Smith Jerseys Jerseys’s injury, it was again that unit that stood firm in the final two minutes to secure the win.

“We’re rolling right now,” safety Eric Weddle Jerseys told CBS’ Jamie Erdahl after the game. “It’s a great feeling to know we control our own destiny.”

2. This weather was made for Baltimore’s style of play — or its play before December arrived. Baltimore ran Alex Collins 18 times for 51 yards on a wet, sloppy field, but even with an increasingly intense rain, still opted to throw the ball 38 times. Flacco completed 29 of the attempts for 237 yards and two touchdowns, continuing his solid month of play even in adverse conditions. The reliance on the pass almost cost Baltimore, especially on a third-and-10 when, with less than three minutes remaining and Indianapolis having exhausted all of its timeouts, the Ravens chose to pass. It ended in an incompletion intended for Mike Wallace Jerseys Jerseys, who was running a six-yard drag, and gave the Colts both 2:36 to work with and an extra timeout via the two-minute warning. that would have looked incredibly ugly, had Indianapolis capitalized on the ensuing possession.

3. Credit the Colts — a three-win team with a coach on a white-hot seat and very little to play for — for fighting back from a multiple-score deficit to make things incredibly interesting in the final five minutes of this game. What was a mildly intriguing (thanks in part to the weather) game became a very entertaining one. At the end, though, Indianapolis’ deficiencies — shoddy pass protection, receivers not named Hilton who struggle to get open, questionable play calling — ultimately sank the Colts, even as they threatened to tie the game in the final two minutes.

4. We don’t know how much longer Adam Vinatieri Jerseys will kick, but it sure was heart-warming to see a 44-year-old future Hall of Famer drill 3 of 5 field goals and come about five feet shy of clearing the crossbar on a 60-yard attempt. The latter was a testament to Vinatieri’s lasting greatness, even if he didn’t actually make the field goal. We’ll keep an eye on his field goal percentage, though, which fell below 90 for the season after his 38-yard attempt was blocked. A 60 percent day (with the other miss being the 60-yard attempt) didn’t bring him back over 90, but if he can boost it in Week 17 (he’ll need a banner day with plenty of attempts and a perfect success rate), he’ll trigger an escalator in his contract that pays him an additional $500,000. We’re rooting for you and your bank account, Adam.

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OC Todd Haley explains what went wrong on final drive vs. Patriots

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10:55 AM ETJeremy FowlerESPN Staff Writer CloseESPN staff writer
Previously a college football reporter for CBSSports.com
University of Florida graduateFollow on TwitterFacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerPinterestEmailprintcommentPITTSBURGH — Earlier in the week, Pittsburgh Steelers cheap jerseys quarterback Ben Roethlisberger cheap jerseys and coach Mike Tomlin gave their side of how the Patriots game fell apart on the final drive. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s first time to address the media was Thursday, and his side added a new layer: The Steelers were expected to run an “incomplete or out of bounds” play on the second-to-last play. Once Darrius Heyward-Bey cheap jerseys was tackled in bounds with 22 seconds to go, the plan to run a measured final play was foiled.

“You’re counting on having three shots at the end zone,” said Haley, including the overturned Jesse James cheap jerseys touchdown with 28 seconds left.

The Patriots won 27-24 on a Duron Harmon cheap jerseys cheap jerseys interception with 5 seconds to play, but of course the sequence wasn’t so simple. Here’s Haley’s full explanation:

Duron Harmon cheap jerseys cheap jerseys’s interception might not have happened had Darrius Heyward-Bey cheap jerseys gotten out of bounds the play before. Joe Sargent/Getty ImagesOn whether staff would have done anything differently on the final drive: “Yeah, have the first touchdown be a touchdown, No. 1. I know Coach [Tomlin] has talked about this a bunch, but the only thing I’ll say is that’s what we call an incomplete or out-of-bounds situation after the ball was ruled an incompletion. We don’t want the ball in the field of play there without a timeout. I’m never going to question Ben’s decision of thinking Hey-Bey could get out of bounds, but as far as scenarios, we’re in an incomplete or out-of-bounds situation. The clock will not be running if things go the way they’re supposed to go. Then you’re getting the guys on the field for each particular play you wanted on the field and you’re counting on having three shots at the end zone.”

On any regrets about not having Martavis Bryant cheap jerseys in on the final play: “Not the first play. Again, it’s an incomplete or out of bounds. We teach the receivers if they don’t think they can get out of bounds to drop the ball as long as it’s not fourth down. Again, cheap jerseys both guys thought that it would go different and it didn’t. And it’s a great learning situation as far as that goes because we practice that every Friday. We go through the last seven plays incomplete or out of bounds. You can’t catch the ball if you can’t get out of bounds, and we got one caught in-bounds. So, Tay’s standing on the sideline next to me, but as far as the play, I called the best play I thought for the situation. And again, Tay hadn’t practiced where he would’ve been and we didn’t feel comfortable with him being in there. They made us hot, which caused a pressure situation. Ben got on the run and again, I won’t question his decision of thinking Hey-Bey could get out of bounds or in the end zone, but as it went, it didn’t work out that way.”

On the final play that led to an interception: “We just can’t throw an interception. Like I said, Coach has talked about that whole thing ad nauseam. We have a very big game for us — biggest game of the year for us this week. And we’ve got to be on it and go out and play our best game.”

On questions about whether Steelers should have had two plays ready to go in final sequence: “There are a lot of times we have two plays called in the huddle, but, again, that was an incomplete or out-of-bounds situation. You cannot in that situation get caught in the field of play, and again, we call plays accordingly. That would normally be A.B. coming across the field, which will get a lot of attention. We had four guys in the end zone. Like I said though, they made us hot which they hadn’t done all day, and we’ve got to make sure Hey-Bey is either able to get out of bounds or get the ball thrown away.”

On what it was like trying to handle play-calling once Heyward-Bey didn’t get out of bounds: “You can’t change personnel. You can’t do any of that. You’ve got to get up and do what we did. Make the decision of clocking it or fake clocking it and basically handling it how we did. We’ve just got to do it better.”

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